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How to Alter a Natural Rock Image to make Business Cards

Posted by Pam Timmermans on Wednesday, November 30, 2011, In : Image Editing & Creating 
Law Business Card Blue Grey Monogram Rock Texture One of the most unique images I have ever acquired is from a rock face on Lake Matininda in Blind River, Ontario. It's exceptionally special as you can only get to this location by boat. There are mountainous tree filled ledges and the odd tree growing out of the rock face. I'm amazed that these trees can grow so big with so little soil. The lake is amazingly blue and clean. But my favourite part is the amazing rocks from that remote rock ledge. They have incredible colour. There are purple...
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How to Make a Grunge Effect

Posted by Pam Timmermans on Monday, November 7, 2011, In : Image Editing & Creating 
Here is a fun design.  I love the grunge effect.  It's stylish and modern and I love the randomness of it. Here are a couple of examples some grunge style calling/business cards.

black and white - grunge - calling card- business cardpurple - business card - monogram - grungegrunge business card - monogram - business card - black and whiteteal - turquoise - business card - calling card - small business card - grungeSo, how do you make a cool grunge effect?  First, you need a texture to draw from.  You can make your own by taking a picture of something with texture, such as a rock and importing it into a photo editing program, such as GIMP, which is free and extremely powerful.  Next, use the select by colour tool . Choose a...
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