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 About our Business Cards

We offer some great perks that you can't get with an online template.

Not only are we offering custom business cards at great prices, we allow you to make alterations that you wouldn't normally be able to do with a template.

We create high quality images, which transfers into high quality printing and the best quality of business card for your career.

How to order business cards
The following pricing includes minimal changes such as colour and font changes. 
Additional changes will incur added fees.

Full Colour Printing - One or Two Sided
Please contact us for a quote on special paper types
100 Business Cards

250 Business Cards

500 Business Cards

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Top Professional Designs

We've included our most popular professional designs, but there are many more where these came from.  Visit our online store for more options. 

*Please note that prices listed in our online store are not representative of our locally printed prices.

Black and Silver Metallic Monogram Business Card

  • Simple, professional look that's great for lawyers, accountants, doctors, insurance brokers, and more

Brown and Beige Textured Scales of Justice Business Card

  • This business card is great for anyone in the legal system, whether you are a lawyer, judge, legal secretary, or another position, this is a great card for you

Simple Beige Monogram Business & Appointment Card

  • This is a universal card which is great for a wide array of professional businesses

Black and Beige Textured Contrasting Business Card

  • This professional business card has great balance.  It's great for a multiple of businesses

Beige and Teal Large Monogram Business Card

  • This is a unique monogram business card.  It's a bold, eye catching design that is well suited for professional businesses, such as accountants, dentists, attorneys, doctors, surgeons, and more

Bold Black Monogram Business Card

  • This business card offers a simple boldness on the front, but allows for a large amount of information on the back of the card.  It's sleek and stylish and great for professional corporations and businesses

Stylish Green Monogram Plaque Business Card

  • Although this business card is very professional, it also offers sophistication.  It has minimal information on the front of the card, which really makes it pop.  The back has a great layout for your business information

Simple Black Monogram Business Card

  • This is a very simple business card, but it's eye catching and professional.  It's a great card for any business that takes pride in their professionalism
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Print Locally in North Bay

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We have always been a supporter of local businesses.  So, it only makes sense to bring our design business to North Bay and support local printing companies.

Pam's Designs has been designing logos, business cards, rack cards, letterheads, and more for several years and has built up quite a collection of online business cards.  So we feel that it's time to concentrate our efforts locally and work with people in our community. 

If you need business cards, we can help.  If you need a logo, flyers, promotional items, a website, or other business stationary, we can help.  We plan to have all of your items printed locally with professional designs at a competitive price.

We feel that our customers will benefit from printing locally, as it saves them money, it saves on shipping costs, and it gives them more control over the design and printing process.

You can request the following:

  • Colour changes to designs
  • Colour changes to text
  • Move design elements
  • Add shadowing to text
  • Change fonts

*Changes are included in the pricing, but major changes will incur an added cost.

Some font options include:
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Top Stylish and Modern Business Cards

We have a wide array of modern and stylish business cards.  We enjoy receiving unique business cards from the local businesses in North Bay and we especially love to design them.

Chic Textured Business Card with Curved Indent
  • This business card has a wonderful coloured texture.  It's fantastic for fashion, spas, salons, and more.  This card comes in a few different colours

Glowing Swirl Script Business Card

  • This stylish business card features a wonderful font.  This card can be customized with any text and many different background colours

Silver Floral Realty Business Card

  • This classy business card is designed for realtors, but the background images can be replaced to meet your business needs.  It features a raised foliage and butterfly

Spotlight Pink Foliage Business Card

  • This black, white, and pink business card is great for businesses requiring a bold, eye catching design.  It's great for spas, salons, fashion, retail stores, and more

Floral Lipstick Business Card

  • This card is perfect for makeup artists.  It features a bold black design behind the lipstick tube, which really makes it pop out

Gold and Black Monogram Business Card

  • This is a simple, yet classy business card.  It has golden yellow highlights to feature your business information.  Try this design with silver or white to replace the gold

Vintage Purple Lipstick Tube Business Card

  • This elegant business card is perfect for makeup artists.  It is particularly effective for those that specialize in wedding makeup

Green, Black, and White Bold Grunge Business Card

  • This bold and modern business card is great for nail technicians, makeup artists, hair stylists, and any business that is looking for a chic, bold business card

Textured Red Heart with Wings Business Card

  • This business card is great for tattoo artists, body piercers, and anyone looking for a card that gives a bold statement

Stylish Blue and Silver Makeup Brushes & Eye Shadow Card

  • This makeup artist business card was created for makeup artists who seek a sleek, bold business card.  This card comes in a few other colours

Bold Glowing Lines Photograph Business Card

  • This glowing lines business card is great for photographers, travel agents, and anyone looking for a card to feature their photographs

 Top Business Cards for the Trades

Our trade business cards are bold and modern.  Can't find your trade?  Send us a message at and we will make a card for your trade.

Blue Perforated Metal Business Card

  • This card is great for sheet metal workers, welders, people in construction, and other trades

Black Metal Patched Squared Business Card

  • This is a simple, bold card that will make your business stand out

Black and Blue Metallic Diamond Business Card

  • This card is especially good for road construction, as it resembles a road sign

Silver Worn Metal Business Card

  • This is a good universal metallic business card.  The aged metal is indicative of a business that's been around for several years
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Top Teaching and Childcare Business Cards

Creating unique teaching and childcare business cards intrigues us.  We like to deviate from the crowd and create card that are very different from the rest.

Little Monsters and Mushrooms Business Card
  • This is a fun, whimsical business card that is perfect for daycare providers, kindergarten teachers, and preschool teachers

Splattered Paint and Hand Print Business Card

  • This is a fun business card with a matching flyer, great for daycares, preschools, and kindergarten teachers

Cork Board and Post-It Notes Business Card

  • This is a great business card for teachers, secondary teachers, and professors.  It has a fair bit of space for your business information

Black Floral, Butterfly, and Writing Paper Business Card

  • This is a great business card for teachers, tutors, and professors.  It has an elegant style, great for female professionals

Green Glowing Script Teacher Business Card

  • This business card can be customized with any text and comes in many colours.  It has a simple elegance that will stand out from your peers

Order Business Cards

Choosing a Business Card:

  • We have some of our popular cards detailed on this page
  • Or, you can choose from one of the business card category links below to choose from one of our many business cards that are featured online (please note that the prices listed are NOT representative of our local printing prices)
  • If you choose a business card from one of the links below, please copy and paste the link at the top of your browser into the form
  • Remember that we can add information to your business card that is not currently featured in the template, but please keep in mind that less is more
  • Want to send us your logo?  No problem, logos can be sent to

Sending us the Right Information:

  • When inputting your contact information, please ensure that it is the correct information that you would like on your business card
  • If there is anything that you would like added or omitted, please include that information in the Other Details section of the form
  • Have questions and need to contact us?  You can e-mail us at or phone us at 705-663-2856

Payment and Pickup:

  • We will supply a quote prior to beginning work on your project.  Prices may increase if you choose to make vast changes to the design
  • Upon approval of your business card design, a full payment will be required prior to printing
  • We will inform you once your product is available for pick up at the printer's

We are quick to respond.  You should expect to hear back within 5 minutes to 24 hours,
depending on our availability

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