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We love creating custom designs. 
Making that perfect balance of colour and art and
personalizing it for a specific purpose is our idea of the perfect job. 
Seeing our customers fall in love with our designs
is an inspiration.
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Below are some of our custom designs.
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Logo Design

We have designed many business logos over the past few years.  Some have simple text with a punch of colour, some have ornate images embedded in the design, while others have fancy script text with flourishes.

Our customers compliment us on our ability to listen to their wants and needs.  We do make professional suggestions, but most importantly, we always deliver what our customers request.

Sports Logos

We play on a few sports teams in our little country town, so we love designing sports logos for the teams that play and the tournaments that we help to put on.

From funny faces on volleyballs to a splattering baseball, we're always looking for a new way to put a fun spin on our sports designs.

We strive to be original and create dynamic designs that the team members love to sport.

Sports Logos - Logo Design - Sports - Volleyball - Baseball - Sons of Pitches - Splatter - Retro - Volleyballs - Faces - Splash
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Business Accessories

We often have people fall in love with a business card that we've designed and ask us to create matching items. 

We've created items such as labels, gift certificates, note cards, thank you cards, menus, rack cards, mugs, letter head, note pads, and more.

 CD and Book Covers

Album cases and book covers are some of the more unique projects that we have tackled.  It's so interesting designing for such a specific theme. 

This album cover was one of our favourite projects.  We loved watching this whimsical world evolve in front of our eyes, as the bridge to another world was created.

cd covers - book covers - graphic design - graphic designer - bridge cd cover - album cover - floral book cover - unique - stylish
Wedding Creations - wedding text - script names - photocards - thank you cards - elegant - leafy - fades - faded

 Wedding Items

Wedding stationary is one of our favourite things to design.  The elegance of the day is so inspiring.  It's wonderful when you encounter a bride that is unique in herself and wants a wedding set that you wouldn't see just anywhere.

Stunning, bold designs to rustic outdoor designs, we do it all.

 Event Flyers

We like to support local schools and often provide our services to create event flyers for various fundraisers.  We've sponsored Jam Night at the Legion to raise funds for instruments for the students at a local school, and a Christmas Open House, Soap Making Classes, a Volleyball Tournament, and a Spring Community Event all to raise funds for a playground at our community school.

Event flyers - graphic design - jam night - flyer - guitar - music - band - horse poster - workshop flyer

 Website Graphics

We design graphics for websites.  Having a graphic designer create graphics for your website, helps you to maintain a uniform and professional look from page to page throughout your site.  It's important to create a theme across your site, in order to instill a sense of professionalism and business branding in your customers.

We also create websites for our customers on a template based platform, which allows them to make changes themselves in the future.  We create the graphics, set up your site, and perform SEO (search engine optimization) services to make your site ready for the search engines.  We have maintained a high ranking on Google and can help you to do the same.

To learn more details on our web design services, please visit our Design Services Section.

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North Bay, ON & surrounding areas (local)
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